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Simsa Cho

"Bird in Cage"

"Bird in Cage"


Simsa Cho creates objects primarily by casting & sculpting of glass. In the past, glass blowing has been more of a third party function in this process. In this new exhibition he brings a new dimension to his work with the addition of glass blowing to his creations.

These new objects combine making a glass bird and building a glass cage around the bird, layer upon layer. More layers are added, the cage’s weight becomes heavier and control is more difficult,

The cage makes the bird attractive?

If we talk about the difference between a bird in a cage and humans at home or in society, many people might think of “freedom & rights”.  Since the Japanese tsunami and nuclear power plant accident occurred we still continue to use nuclear energy, etc.  I am wondering why the “freedom & rights” that we talk about are so different from a bird in a cage? ………………….

Though my view points are cynical & serious, the glass bird in glass cage is turned out as beautiful and very decorative. Lost in dark, a light will lead us and give us a motivation to keep us moving forward. Beauty and decorative manners are the light in this work and supporting us. Believe it or not, the fact is that these objects inspire me to express my thoughts in this way.

Simsa Cho

December 2012



"Healing Boy"
H. 33/4 W. 43/4 D. 101/2 inches
H. 9
1/2 W. 12 D. 27 cm



"Healing Couple"
H. 41/4  W. 103/4 D. 101/2 inches
1/2  W. 271/2 D. 27  cm



"Healing Boy"
H. 33/4  W. 43/4 D. 101/2inches
H. 9
1/2 W. 12 D. 27 cm


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