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Amsterdam Guide x
 Here are some notes about casual or interesting places to go in Amsterdam:

        Hoppe, on the Spuistraat at the Spui 18/20 
     coffee and a "Toasti" sandwich at 8 AM, 
        Lanskroon, on the Singel canal at the Heisteeg, Singel 385,
        the best croissants and pastries

LUNCH, casual=
        Luxembourg, brasserie cafe on the Spui 22/24, 020-6206064
        Walem, trendy cafe on the Keizersgracht 449, 020-6253544
        Jaren, informal university cafe on the Amstel near the l'Europe Hotel, 
        Nieuwe Doelenstraat 20/22, 020-6255771


Le Restaurant, - 
        ( and Snoopy is welcome)

        De Kas, - Kamerlingh Onneslaan 3,  020-4624562
        Wonderful restaurant in a garden greenhouse in the suburbs of Amsterdam. 
        Fixed menu. Reservations recommended.

        ( and Snoopy is NOT welcome)

        A-Fusion - - fusion of DIM SUM, Japanese, Chinese,, Indonesian / Malaysian food, Zeedijk 130, 020-3304068,
        in the "Red-light" district in Amsterdam. small informal, clean with good dim sum etc....
( and Snoopy is welcome)

        Indrapura - (Indonesian) Rembrandtsplein 42, 020-6237329
        popular large Indonesian restaurant with very nice ambiance 

( and Snoopy is welcome)

        Le Petit Latin - small French Provincial restaurant.  N.Z. Voorbugwal 306, 020-6249425
        Friendly chef and good food.
( and Snoopy is welcome)

       Pompadour Patisserie, (dangerously good, best in Amsterdam) Huidenstraat 12,  
       Chocolate, Pastry and tearoom, 020-6239554

       Always Around Taxi,
  Reliable, friendly and reasonable priced taxi service, Amsterdam to Airport  and other special assignments. Call Jolande van Thijn, Tel.: +31 20 494 4004 or e-mail:

        Ambassade Hotel, Herengracht 341, 020-555 02 22 ( +31-20-555 02 22 ) very nice hotel made up of a number of canal houses next to our home

     Dylan Hotel, Keizersgracht 384, 020-530 20 10 ( +31-20-530 20 10 )  upscale trendy hotel in the center - expensive

Museums =
You can find many of the sights that Amsterdam has to offer, such as the Rijksmuseum, 
        the Van Gogh Museum and the Anne Frank House, within walking distance of the center.

        Bekedam Catering, Polsstraat 18, Deventer, 0570-641818,  
        Willem and Mona Bekedam organize wonderful receptions and dinner parties at their villa in Deventer
        and at other locations.

        Braggiotti Gallery -(Dutch and International contemporary glass art)

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