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1. Contemporary Glass - exclusively 

Amsterdam's Braggiotti Gallery specializes in contemporary glass. Since its founding in 1987, the Braggiotti Gallery has been presenting artists from all over the world through an imaginative program of 8 to 10 exhibitions per year. In recent years the diversity and quality of contemporary glass has changed dramatically. The enormous growth within this sector reflects recognition by museums, collectors and the general public. The Braggiotti Gallery is exclusively dedicated to presenting unique works of contemporary glass.

2. Amsterdam - the new center of glass 

The glass department of the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam has been under the guidance of renowned glass artists. The Rietveld has brought new vitality to European glass and Amsterdam in particular. The Braggiotti Gallery has been successfully stimulating and supporting numerous graduates of the Rietveld Academy. Many established artists began their career at the Braggiotti Gallery. Amsterdam has a unique synergy because of the numerous artists and glass studios permanently based in this special city. This is reflected in the unique exhibition program of the gallery.

3. Artists represented: 

The gallery represents more than 30 Dutch and international artists. Christian Braggiotti's knowledge and reputation in the contemporary glass field allows the gallery to select the finest established artists as well as the best of the new emerging talent. New artists are carefully selected and their work is critically evaluated before presentation, as a result the gallery has a uniquely fine range of work available.

4. Selection of the finest work: 

The Braggiotti Gallery is a trusted supplier of glass to museums and collectors. Christian Braggiotti works closely with the gallery artists to assure that the very finest examples of each artist are presented in the gallery. Since presentation of an artist's work in museums and major collections is important to all artists, the gallery is uniquely able to consistently present unusually fine work.

5. Extensive display in four separate rooms: 

The special location in the center of Amsterdam enables the gallery to present a unique view on contemporary glass. Four separate exhibition rooms make it possible to present a wide variety of objects. There is usually a featured exhibition in the main room, specialty exhibitions in the second display room and two additional rooms with selected examples from the various artists represented by the Braggiotti Gallery. A visit to the gallery is a unique introduction to the wide variety contemporary glass now available.

6. Advice to collectors and museums: 

Christian Braggiotti is acknowledged to be a reliable authority of contemporary glass. Since it's founding the gallery has earned a special reputation as a trustworthy source of expertise. As a result the finest museums and collectors utilize the Braggiotti Gallery as a prime supplier of contemporary glass. The gallery regularly assists curators and collectors in developing their acquisition programs. The gallery provides advice in creating balanced and respected collections. In addition, the gallery often assists the clients in identifying ideas for the optimum opportunities for displaying objects in their collections. This reliable source of advice is also important to the new collector, knowing that their new acquisitions will withstand the test of time.

7. Documentation supplied with each object: 

Each unique piece of work supplied by the gallery is provided with a reference documentation book that includes photographs, curriculum vitae of the artist and where appropriate, copies of articles and publications about the artist. The reference book includes the name of the client and the title of the piece. This additional service is a complement to a collection as well as a valued reference material for a new or established collection.

Christian Braggiotti's knowledge of contemporary glass and the experience, reputation and integrity of the Braggiotti Gallery provide an ideal opportunity to discover this exciting world of glass.

You are cordially invited to discover the unique world of contemporary glass at the Braggiotti Gallery.

The gallery is located in the center of Amsterdam on the Singel Canal. It is one short block from the flower market and at the Beulingsluis Canal between the Singel and the Herengracht. The building is a registered monument and includes original warehouses of the Dutch East India Company (VOC).