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Marion Sterner

We are pleased to introduce a new artist to the gallery. Marion Sterner (Venice) presents a selection of unique necklaces of glass.

I found that glass was the material for me. What attracts me about glass is to feel the viscosity and sensuality of it in its molten state.
The luxury in working with glass is to realize whatever comes to my mind, whatever structure or color or shape I might want to see.
The challenge is the continuous discovery of new technical skills in its combination with poetry and creativity".

 These necklaces are an exceptional combination of jewelry and objects for a special glass art collector.

"Botticelli Aquamarine"
"Botticelli Crystal"

"Botticelli Coral Violet"
"Botticelli Spring Stardust"

"Botticelli Living Black"
"Botticelli Lila"


"Botticelli Ivory Gold"

"Botticelli Spring Stardust" Bracelet
"Botticelli Crystal" Bracelet

" Botticelli Lila" Bracelet
"Botticelli Living Black" Bracelet

"Botticelli Coral Violet" Bracelet
"Botticelli Aquamarine" Bracelet

"Grande Parure Colors - Grey" Bracelet

"Aquarium III'
"Crocodile Ocra Black"

"La Magnifica Ebony"
"La Magnifica  Lapis"